The latest UK banknotes featuring a portrait of King Charles III have hit the streets, with eager individuals flocking to obtain them. Introduced into circulation on Wednesday, the new Bank of England design made its debut at 13 Post Offices nationwide. In Sunderland City, crowds gathered, eagerly awaiting the doors to open.

Among the throng was Mary Denham, 87, from South Shields, who expressed her intention to hold onto the banknotes rather than spend them, reserving them as a gift for her grandson. Meanwhile, collectors are actively seeking out banknotes with serial numbers as close to 00001 as possible, adding value to their collections.

Alan, a dedicated collector from Pallion, shared his enthusiasm for the new banknotes, noting that they complement his extensive collection at home. However, he confessed that despite his passion for collecting coins and notes, he predominantly relies on card transactions, rarely utilizing cash.

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