Apple is gearing up to enhance its Siri voice assistant and operating systems by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT, as it aims to make strides in the AI arena.

At its annual developers’ conference on Monday, the tech giant unveiled a slew of new features, including a revamped Siri, as part of its newly introduced personalized AI system dubbed “Apple Intelligence.” This initiative seeks to provide users with a more streamlined experience across Apple devices.

The forthcoming updates to iPhone and Mac operating systems will facilitate access to ChatGPT through a strategic partnership with OpenAI. This integration extends beyond Siri, empowering other tools such as text and content generation. The beta version of ChatGPT is slated for release in the fall.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, expressed optimism about the transformative potential of this move, stating that it would propel the company’s products “to new heights.” However, the market response was lukewarm, with Apple’s stock witnessing a 1.91% decline on the day of the announcement.

Despite Apple’s push into AI, not everyone is applauding. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, voiced concerns about data security, threatening to ban iPhones from his companies due to uncertainties surrounding data handling by OpenAI. Apple has yet to address these allegations.

Furthermore, Apple faced taunts from competitors like Samsung, who downplayed the significance of the announcement, asserting that adding “Apple” to the equation doesn’t make it groundbreaking.

This move underscores Apple’s bid to catch up with rivals in the AI race, especially after recent setbacks in market valuation compared to industry frontrunners like Microsoft and Nvidia. While Apple’s “Apple Intelligence” initiative may assuage investor concerns, the integration of ChatGPT could pose both opportunities and challenges for the company, as it seeks to redefine user experiences across its ecosystem.

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